Entrepreneur Accelerator with VicTreeFi

Ambassador Girl Scouts can earn the Entrepreneur Accelerator badge today! This is a digital course that contains fun videos and activities that meet all badge criteria. All VicTreeFi courses are created by financial professionals (and Girl Scouts alums)! When your Ambassador completes this course, she will receive a virtual certificate as proof of completion.


VicTreeFi is a female-founded company, dedicated to promoting financial education. The company’s co-founder was a Girl Scout. VicTreeFi provides on-demand courses for students that are self-paced and mobile-friendly. Courses are built around national standards for financial literacy and all required Girl Scout badge steps.



In Person or Virtual:



Badge in a Box (Includes: ‘How to Become an Entrepreneur’ guide, Online workshop, Bath salt / bath bomb supplies, Cellophane baggies / small plastic containers, Labels, Stencils, and Box for marketing your new business)


Virtual $2 per girl

Badge in a Box $26 per girl

To Schedule:

To purchase courses as an individual, please login or create a free account to access your Girl Scout dashboard. Girl Scouts may enroll at any time by purchasing badge courses. As Girl Scouts advance through their badgework, progress is saved and shared with the council. Once all required badgework is completed, a Certificate of Completion will appear under the My Certificates tab.

If you are a troop leader and would like to bulk enroll your entire troop, download the Troop Enrollment Form on the website and email the completed form to contact@victreefi.com. Payment can be made by credit card online. We recommend that Girl Scouts complete badgework prior to planned troop meetings, with discussion of key takeaways occurring at the next troop meeting. Email contact@victreefi.com for more information about discussion guides.

Award Earned:

Entrepreneur Accelerator

Entrepreneur Accelerator

Think and act like an entrepreneur as you bring your business vision to life, learn how to work with a team, and motivate people to take a chance with you.

1. Come up with a business idea and create a prototype
2. Develop a customer profile
3. Conduct market research
4. Come up with a business model
5. Pitch your business

When you’ve earned this badge, you will have the skills to come up with a business idea, produce a prototype, identify your customers, solicit feedback, improve your idea, then create a business plan and pitch it.